Erhmm... let's see here...

What this blog is:

This is a blog for review of books or any other media that might take my fancy. I will admit to a heavy fantasy or other speculative fiction leaning, but that doesn't mean it will be the only thing I review. I may from time to time review video games or music, but books will be the mainstay.

What this blog isn't:

This isn't my regular journal so I won't put you through any of the boring details of my life unless it is in some way relevant to the book and my reading of it.

My review system:

I generally review books on a scale between 1 and 10. Unlike many reviewers I've seen, books that get at least 5/10 are books I consider worth a read. I almost never give books 9s or 10s, as those scores are reserved for the best of the best. I jokingly refer to my system as "The Twilight Scale", since the Twilight series is the only book series I've read that I would give a solid 1/10 to. I figure if a book is in any way better than Twilight, it will probably be at least a 2/10. I mean in no way disrespect to the series, it's author, or it's fans. Let's just say it really wasn't my cup of tea.


Yes, all illustrations on the reviews are done by me. I was originally going to do just straight reviews, but then I thought it would be better to bring my own personal touch to them.
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